Aspinall and DxInsights Bringing Diagnostics World to Tucson

April 11, 2014 in Bioindustry, Leaders, U of A by Michael Beckwith









DxInsights, a non-profit organization focused on advancing the field of diagnostics in the healthcare industry, will host a diagnostics summit titled “Innovative Pathways to Better Health” at the Miraval Institute on May 4-6. The two-day gathering is aimed at bringing together leading innovators in the field of diagnostics and personalized healthcare.

Why hold such a summit in Tucson? Mara Aspinall, the president and CEO of Ventana Medical Systems, arguably the global leader in the field of diagnostics, cites the timing of the event with the inaugural season of the Miraval Institute’s think tank, which, in partnering with the University of Arizona, is intended “to facilitate communication surrounding pertinent health, wellness, and sustainability issues,” according to the institute’s website.

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Dragoon, Thinking Big, Locally

April 10, 2014 in Local Companies, Startups by Stewart McClintic


At 5 o’clock on a Thursday afternoon Dragoon Brewery off of Grant Road is packed with parched patrons eagerly awaiting their beers.

Although they only started two years ago Dragoon has become a quick local favorite among the Tucson and Arizona community.

According to Eric Greene the brewmaster and son of the owner Bruce Greene, they currently have about 170 accounts which they distribute their beer to. Greene said that currently they have 140 accounts in Tucson and about 30 in phoenix.

In the first three months of production in 2012 Dragoon sold around 180 kegs and since then they have upped their production to about 3200 full kegs and 1500 half kegs to their many accounts all over Arizona. Read the rest of this entry →

Anncouncing Thryve – A Social Impact Incubator

April 7, 2014 in Social Impact, Startup Tucson, Thryve by Startup Tucson


Startup Tucson is excited to announce the launch of Thryve, our newest program supporting the innovators and entrepreneurs of our region. Thryve is a social impact incubator providing entrepreneurs (and intrapreneurs) with the tools to take their innovations from “Idea to Impact”.

Logo Photo-600x300Thryve provides a structured program of venture development based on lean startup principles, coaching from experienced mentors, support from a community of highly motivated entrepreneur-peers, opportunities for expanding your professional network, and the strategy and pitch training necessary to access capital.

Do you have an idea for a business that will create positive change in Tucson or throughout the world? Whether you are starting from scratch or working inside an established organization, Thryve can help move you from “Idea To Impact”, beginning in June 2014.

We are hosting two information sessions to answer questions about the program and application process at CoLab Workspace (17 E. Pennington St., Tucson, AZ).

  • Session 1: April 18th, 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm, CoLab Gallery Room (RSVP)
  • Session 2: April 24, 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm, CoLab Street View Room (RSVP)

Thryve is now taking applications for our 10 week intensive summer 2014 cohort. The deadline is April 30th, so you need to move fast – starting now.


Are You Ready To Thryve?  Apply Now.

Tucson Job Crawl Keeping Top Talent in Tucson

April 7, 2014 in Job Crawl, Startup Tucson, Tech in Tucson, Tucson by Harrison Leff

JobCrawl 2014-600x

Startup Tucson hosted the Tucson Job Crawl on Tuesday at Gentle Ben’s, an event that sought to give local businesses a more laid back and inviting atmosphere to be able to interact with active and graduating students.

With blue skies overhead, the deck of the University Blvd. establishment saw over 200 students flood through the doors, eager to make contact with the multitude of companies and startup businesses that were present.

There were more than 30 companies at the event representing a variety of fields and focuses as wide-ranging as those of the students attending. These included engineering, computer science, business, marketing, finance, and a variety of other majors and focuses. Read the rest of this entry →

Fashioning a Change

April 6, 2014 in Entrepreneurs, Startups by Harrison Leff

FedByThreads - 600x

Have you ever wanted to start a business while also making a  positive change in the world?

Fed By Threads was born out of the simple desire to provide some assistance to a local food shelter that was in serious need of donations.

“We started with this tiny idea that we would print out t-shirts with a very potent quote on it that we would sell at our yoga and dance studio, and every time someone bought one, we donated 12 meals,” says Alok Appadurai, who founded the company along with his partner Jade Beall. Read the rest of this entry →

Learning and Empowering Curiosity

April 3, 2014 in collaboration, Conference, inspiration, Lecture, startup by Elliot Ledley

2Shoes, a new web-based app in Tucson, is gaining traction both in Tucson and throughout the U.S. You can spot the app in action this week at the Family Support Conference here in town. Our team is heading to Dallas, TX for the Nutrition and Health Conference in May as well. Multiple conferences, weekly use in the UofA’s largest lecture (750+ students) and an appearance at the McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship Orientation has allowed our team to secure our seed funding. Read the rest of this entry →


March 28, 2014 in Featured by Connect Coworking

Last weekʼs story took you for a hard hat tour through Connect Coworkingʼs new digs at 5th Avenue and Congress, addressing the unique nature of the space and briefly touching on why the community vibe weʼre intent on generating is so important to setting Connect apart from the others. This week, weʼre taking that idea on more directly, and comparing the value of making Connect Coworking the home for your venture versus what is commonly available at other executive suites.

First and foremost, is the potential for collaboration. With most executive suites, clients tend to treat the space strictly as rented office space, as a place to come in, do some work, and get out around quittinʼ time. Not much in the way of communication between mutual occupants, as there is still a heavy, underlying component of the cubicle mentality that tends to pervade most executive suites. Just the name ʻexecutive suitesʼ summons visions of the boss from Office Space, roaming the aisles like a corporate T-Rex looking for employees whom he can ask to come in on the weekends. Read the rest of this entry →

Tucson Job Crawl – April 1st

March 28, 2014 in Jobs, Students by Startup Tucson


The Tucson Job Crawl (April 1st at 4pm at Gentle Ben’s) is focused on connecting student talent with great opportunities within the local community. It invites in top companies & opportunities in Tucson that may not historically have been a part of why talented graduates can stay in town. Its is designed to make it easier for those innovative Tucson companies that want to recruit student talent, but they may only be hiring one person. And they may only hire that person every two years.

We’re doing it at Gentle Ben’s to make it fun and interesting – to attract a different kind of employer, a different kind of student. In the past, we’ve had a tremendous participation from engineering, business, marketing, finance, economics, computer science students; a whole array of talent coming out of the University. And the companies that have attended – from startups to well established small, medium sized companies – have had a tremendous experience getting great interns or making connections for full-time employees.

This year’s Job Crawl is hosted in partnership with Lead Local and Tucson Young Professionals.

Click Here to attend as a student

Click Here to register as an employer or startup

Scenes from McGuire on the Mall

March 28, 2014 in Entrepreneurs, Startups by Startup Tucson

If we, as a community, are to drive new economic opportunities, it starts with talent – growing talent, bringing in talent, retaining talent. And the UoA is a great asset and partner to have for such efforts in the community.

On March 25, 21 McGuire Program teams presented their new ventures to the public. As our focus continues on building entrepreneurs and growing the climate and culture to drive people to new venture creation, it is exciting to see such entrepreneurial skills being developed and new innovative opportunities being created. Read the rest of this entry →

Tucson’s Desert Angels in top 10 for investments

March 27, 2014 in Desert Angels by Desert Angels

Tucson’s Desert Angels have been ranked among the top 10 “angel” investor groups nationwide for 2013. The Halo Report, a yearly update of early-stage investment activity of private-equity angel groups around the country, ranked the Desert Angels the eighth most active angel group in the nation based on the total number of deals last year.

The Desert Angels, which has more than 95 members, invested more than $5.5 million into 23 different companies in 2013, their largest investment year to date since the group’s inception in 2000, the group said in a news release.

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